Why we’re going online... from start to finish

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

COVID-19 has been a crisis like no other. Not only has it thrown up new challenges for communicators, it also threw up a completely unexpected one: managing an organisation’s response remotely. Life became totally online, so it seems only fitting that our awards celebration will be too.

There have been too many false dawns regarding gatherings of people and, while we may all be raring for a good old knees up, we recognise that entering a crowded room after months of working remotely might fill some people with dread..

And, besides, we're not quite sure how we can host and police a socially distanced drinks reception or disco - it would be like one of those cringeworthy teen films, when the teachers tap the students on the shoulder for getting too close. And just imagine being in the photobooth by yourself without even a prop? I mean, isn't that just a selfie?

But going online doesn't mean resorting to Zoom, tweeting the results from the comfort of our kitchens or even simply drily reciting shortlists and announcing winners with barely a party popper (the old kind) to release.

We're going to do it somewhat differently.

We will have a comedian - and we guarantee they'll be funny.

We will create a reception where you can virtually mingle and meet other guests.

And we will try to capture your response if you win, even if you aren't able to walk to the stage, collect a trophy and pose for pictures.

Most of all, we are going to create a fun night out - that you can enjoy from the comfort of your home or, if you're back in the office, with some colleagues - at a social distance.

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