How to win your spot on the red carpet: 10 tips!

1) Focus on the unique challenges faced by your organisation. Virtually every business was forced to adopt a remote working model almost overnight, but what did your organisation do that was exceptional or creative to rise to that challenge? Don’t waste too many words explaining what the judges already know or expect.

2) Give some context to your entry. The judges could be unfamiliar with your business and may need to understand how it operates to recognise the creativity of your approach.

3) Be honest about the challenges. Nobody entered this crisis with all the answers, despite how it may appear to outsiders. Don’t be embarrassed to admit your initial lack of familiarity with Microsoft Teams!

4) Don’t simply produce a list of your department’s output over the period. You may be proud of the volume of work, but it can be overwhelming for judges to understand what was achieved. Select a handful of initiatives and elaborate on those, while also explaining that they represent but a proportion of your work.

5) If you are entering a Best Team category, then highlight how the members worked together. Perhaps explain how you each supported one another during the period, or how responsibilities were divided. It is less about what the team did – although obviously this is important – but how the members operated in partnership to achieve the ultimate goals.

6) If you are trying to demonstrate how your organisation embodied its corporate purpose through its actions, then you should, at least, articulate what that purpose is for the judges. 😏

7) Make sure you enter the correct category: is it employee engagement or embodying corporate purpose? It may not be possible for the judges to move your entry into the appropriate category.

8) Normal rules still apply. Check that your entry is not littered with spelling mistakes or grammatical errors. The judges understand it is a busy time, but you are also meant to be communicators.

9) Keep to the word length. The awards platform will not allow you to submit any more than the limit. If you need a bit more to prove your point, add it to the supporting materials as a PDF or a Word document.

10) Choose your metrics carefully. While the judges know that it may not be possible to completely assess the success of some initiatives, they still shudder at the sight of an AVE or something similar.

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