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Updated: Dec 17, 2020

We know you're really busy so we have made the process of entering the CovidComms Awards as simple as possible. For a start, we only want a maximum of 500 words - and if you try to write any more, our new computer system really does say no.

We would like every organisation to upload a corporate logo and that of any supporting agency. (Conversely, if any agency is entering, we'd like their logo plus that of any client.)

We'd also like a minimum of two items of supporting materials, but you can go wild - although we'd argue that five is probably enough. What constitutes 'supporting materials'? In essence, anything that offers the judges an extra insight into your work. It could be screen grabs of Zoom or Microsoft Teams meetings, short videos or social media extracts. Anything goes, although press cuttings are a tad dull.

If you're entering a team category, we'd also like a picture of the team! Similarly, for the agency category - but we also recognise that, for some teams working remotely, it is simply not possible to supply the requisite imagery. Don't panic: we'll accept a picture of your baking or even your child's latest masterpiece - bluntly, the system will reject your entry without an uploaded image.

Entering the Best Leadership Communications category? No need to take us to your leader, but do include a mugshot!

What are the qualifying dates? Let's not be too prescriptive. Many organisations were preparing for lockdown and remote working long before the government's announcement. We are really looking at the year since the first lockdown was announced, but the entries can span an earlier period if necessary. Programmes that were operational before lockdown, such as employee engagement initiatives, but were adapted for the current circumstances, are also eligible.

We are also aware that producing a return-on-investment for your work during this period, may be difficult, although entries that include metrics do tend to perform better in shortlists. But the judges will also be looking at other factors, such as:

Speed of response



Impact on stakeholders

If you're not sure, don't panic. Simply email, and she'll offer some guidance on suitability.

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